Michael Spicola


I grew up in Tampa, Florida and lived most of my young life in Florida. However, starting with a middle school summer camp up here in Boone, the High Country area became a staple of my life. I would make an annual trip routinely up to the High Country for over the next decade, whether it be through the camp or a family vacation. I grew to love the area, as so much of my formative years and moments happened in up here in the NC mountains. My family did too; they bought a home up here so when my camp days were over, I had a great place to visit during the winter months, learning to ski up here. My home away from home truly was becoming a home to me. After college and some working years throughout Florida, I moved up this way permanently over a year ago. 

Much of my work experience during my twenties has been in property management. I worked several properties throughout Florida as leasing agent or manager. I am adept and comfortable as a salesman, as well as knowing my way around contracts. I mainly dealt with renters (long and short-term) during that time but had always wanted to work with real estate. As soon as I made my way up to the NC mountains, I immediately got my realtor license through Superior School of Real Estate and not long after affiliated with Keller Williams, working as a buyer’s agent. Any prospective home buyer can expect nothing less than my utmost expertise and friendliness to spare when it comes to us working together! 

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