Sales remain strong

After last year’s record-breaking volume, our NC Mountain market remains strong with a 9.3% volume gain, driven by modest price increases.


  • Blowing Rock continues to be the standout town in this area, with a 36% increase in homes sold and an even larger increase in volume from sales at higher price points.
  • The luxury market (homes $750K and above) is off to a stronger start in the first half of the year and is a driver of market growth.  There continues to be a huge inventory in the luxury segment, making this area attractive for high end buyers.
  • There has been a surprising uptick in Condo sales in 2017, with the number of condos sold increasing by 34.5%. Currently there is very little inventory of student condos around the Appalachian State University area.



As a primarily second home/resort area without large industry, we are not facing the chronic inventory shortages seen throughout most US markets. This gives buyers a little ‘breathing room’ in making plans to visit homes.  However, homes in key desirable segments (e.g. mountain homes with big views under $450K) are moving quickly, sometimes with multiple offers. 

From a seller’s standpoint, pricing right from the beginning is key to having your home considered by increasingly savvy buyers. Because there is a larger inventory, having a compelling listing with excellent photography showing off all attributes of the home is very important. Buyers want to fully understand the home through the listing before they visit.

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